Liquid Accountants

Liquid Accountants has a panel of tax experts who are on call to address your unique tax challenge with extensive experience in Tax, Accounting and Payroll .Our experts includes the following: -VAT specialists – Income tax specialists -PAYE specialists – Bookkeeping , annual accounts , management accounts , tax returns , and VAT are just a few aspects of bookkeeping and tax that can be seen as confusing and overwhelming to small and well established businesses but we at Liquid Accountants are specialists and can help you immediately.

Bookkeeping Services

Liquid Accountants provides bookkeeping services which includes compiling of your financial statements ,preparing and filling of your tax returns in all tax types .We will do all your administration work including resolving all your queries from SARS .

Debt payment arrangements

If you have a tax debt will assist in ensuring that the debt that you owe is correct and we will assist in making arrangements to settle it .If you or your company can’t afford the debt we will assist if applying for debt compromise within the law. If you are under curatorship or your assets are preserved due to tax debt Liquid Accountants will assist you in resolving these challenges.


Training for small, medium business and individuals on tax matters, operations management, tax reviews and etc. Liquid Capital will assist your company by advising you on tax related matters to avoid you doing the wrong thing which may land you in trouble with taxman .We will also review your previous tax submissions to ensure that you haven’t paid too much tax which may result in you recovering your tax back.

Tax Compliance

Since the introduction of the new Tax compliance status system, taxpayers are now required to be compliant all the time, if your status is non-compliant you can’t get a tax clearance certificate and this may result in you not being paid by the department which you have a tender. Liquid Accountants will assist you to ensure that your status is complaint all the time and you won’t experience any delays in payments from government.

Objections and appeals

You might be having an objection or an appeal on your tax issues, Liquid will assist you in resolving these in an efficient and effective manner .Your long outstanding objection or appeal will be a thing of the past should you join Liquid Accountants as our experts have extensive experience on tax matters to give your permanent peace of mind .You are guaranteed good result on your tax troubles. Liquid Accountants will assist you in any other tax challenges which you may have .We will give you peace of mind to run your business.